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About Rich Keller

Rich KellerRich Keller is your newest friend in business. Rich Keller is  just a regular guy on a mission to give business owners like himself a one-stop solution to build more successful online businesses.

He found it frustrating to have multiple tools for running his online business in different places with different logins. To add pain to injury, it was a constant effort to keep his customer database up to date with his email marketing solution, and his website needed constant attention. Affiliate programs, blogs, online shops... it was all just too much effort and expense.

This brings us to the  "Online Business Launcher". It's the all-in-one solution Rich uses to run an effective online business. And now it's available for you to use, too.

You're in good hands with Rich Keller.

Here's why:

  • He's been building high load, robust web applications since 1997.
  • Your site is hosted on server farms in North America, the Asia Pacific and Europe. iPrimus (NASDAQ: PRTL) and NTT Docomo (NASDAQ: DCM).
  • He's  got back ups and redundancies and power generators in place to make sure you're site is ready for anything.
  • He has a little device that goes *BEEEP* if anything needs attention. It's really loud and would wake up a dead slug.

So along with the Online Business Launcher, you're business is in good hands with Rich Keller.