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Rich Keller - Tuesday, November 23, 2010
I have been on a mission for years to find a piece of software that I could use to help me become more productive and organized when doing what it is I do. What do I do? I have a mixed career that could be described  as a " freelance / contract web designer / salesman / developer / maintenance / tech support / server admin guy", so finding the right solution was hit an miss. I have tried them all, and up to now all I did was further kill my productivity by trying out so many productivity apps ;) It seemed many of the popular apps available, focused more on collaboration within the office, rather than actual project management.  As  the sole individual here in my office doing all selling, building, launching, billing & maintaining,  I did not need to collaborate with anyone, (although plenty of times I talk to myself inthe third person about the project at hand.). I just need a solid way to manage multiple projects in relation to myself only being able to put in 8-10 a day. I instantly could predict and visualize multiple projects in the pipe,and make real estimates on ETA, rather than just guessing or hoping that everything would go according to plan, and delays would not happen. The fact is delays happen, and nothing goes according to plan. But at least now I can track it, adjust my schedule,and keep on going.

 Check it out, it worked for me, and I'll bet it will work for anyone freelance or not that finds it hard to remember everything across multiple projects. Well, I finally think I have found a solution. It seems to work the way I work.

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