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IMPORTANT: System update – September 15th

Rich Keller - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IMPORTANT: System hardware and software update – September 15th

Hi there,

To ensure the highest security and performance levels for our services, we're applying a hardware and software update on servers located in our North America datacenter. To minimize the customer impact, the updates are scheduled at the most convenient hours for the region and will take up to eight hours to complete.

During the maintenance procedure the Admin Console Access, Partner Portal, FTP, Dreamweaver extension ,APIs, registration and Trial site creation will experience 2 service interruptions of up to 30 minutes each (first one at the beginning and the second at the end), impacting sites on ALL datacenters.

Additionally, throughout the maintenance procedure, website front-ends for sites located in the New Jersey Datacenter that have heavy database usage my experience downtime of up to 8 minutes. Please find below the maintenance schedule and the list of affected services:

Start of maintenance Duration Datacenter Customer impact
Saturday, September 15thth, 2012, 1:00 AM PDT 8 hours North America
  • 2 x 30 minutes downtime for Admin Console Access, FTP, APIs, registration, Trial site creation; this will impact sites on all datacenters
  • Several intermittent website front-end interruptions for heavy database usage sites on North America datacenter

We apologize for any inconveniences generated by these service interruptions. 

Thank you for your understanding and support,

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