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Top Ten Catch Phrases to Drop for 2011

Rich Keller - Thursday, December 09, 2010
As 2010 comes to an end, thinking back over the past twelve months,  some really great technology was released, some of which I now wonder how I did without. Somewhere between tablets and 3D Glasses the media went haywire coining new terminology to describe these new fan dangled inventions. I am guilty as well, in the late part of 2009 the cloud saved me from disaster, ( thank you carbonite ;) and I told the epic tale of the cloud to any soul that would listen. 

I am actually looking forward to the new catch phrases of 2011. What will they be? New catch phrases always sound so promising and magical at first, but after awhile, those same catch phrases that spurred innovation across the Internet now have about as much meaning as scraping our finger nails across a chalkboard.
"Screeeeeeeeeeech, Did you say The Cloud?"  That is if you can even find a real chalkboard in a school with our green switch to less toxic smart boards with lead based network cable all over the class room, but that's another blog post ;)

So here are my top ten catch phrases I would like to see dropped from use in 2011. The technology can stay. These phrases have either become redundant, lost their meaning, or do the technology a disservice with what is now an inaccurate description of a technology now commonplace.

Here we go: drum-roll? sure...

  • #10. "Web 2.0"

    Useless term that really only boiled down to having a "Really Big Button" that only a 2 Year old could miss.

  • #9. "Drive Traffic"

    This term must have been coined back when they used to refer to the internet as a highway. Driving implies they have some sort of control over the traffic. It's simply not an accurate depiction of how to generate legit traffic.

  • #8. "Multimedia"

    I just heard this as part of a sales pitch, seriously, even doorbells play custom songs now. It's a given.

  • #7. "The Cloud"

    It's neither magical or a new technology.  The kicker: The term cloud doesn't at all help explain anything better  to grandparents that their file isn't inside that plastic box that 9 times out of 10 still won't print correctly.

  • #6. "SEO"

    Search Engine Optimization, Really,  If google rank is that much of an afterthought, sorry, it's too late.

  • #5. "Outsourced"

    What's NOT outsourced these days.

  • #4. "Landing Page"

    What is this Nasa?! The idea that we even have to be reminded to optimize where people go when they click our links is proof man hasn't landed on the moon!

  • #3. "SMS"

    Nobody calls it SMS, it's sounds creepy. People call it texting, always have, always will, IM is silly too, no one uses ICQ anymore.

  • #2. "ROI"

    Reality check: There is no value in losing money, I don't care what business you are in. Losing money is bad, even if you learn from it, its a bad lesson that cost too much money. Here's an easier way to calculate ROI,  simply ask, You: "Did we make any Money?" Sales: "No". They call it "Low ROI" to try and save their job by somehow extrapolating value out of losing $50k on a shitty ad campaign. You either make money or you lose money, there is no in between.

  • #1. "iPad Killer"

    Stop. Apple Won the Tablet War before anyone even entered the ring. Kleenex, Xerox, iPad: Brand Names you associate with a "thing" anyone can now copy/make. However you and your kids will still keep asking for Kleenex, xerox copies, and for an iPad.
There you have it, drop me a comment if you would like to add any other catch phrases you could do without in 2011. Raise your 3D glasses! Here's to ten new and exciting catch phrases to help replace these ten, and move the tech industry forward again in 2011!

Kind regards & Happy Holidays

Rich Keller
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Disclaimer: This top ten list was created for the sole purpose to drive traffic to my blog which is outsourced and hosted in the cloud, using an iPad, while checking the weather on my iPhone via sms, and checking keyword density using another cloud based service, adwords keyword checker.
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