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Website, or Facebook page?

Rich Keller - Monday, September 19, 2011

How do you want people to view your brand?

Market research has confirmed its far cheaper and effective to keep customers than to acquire new ones. That being said, a free Facebook page offers the cheapest customer acquisition cost for new businesses. My question: Is that free Facebook page the right solution for managing and taking care of existing customers?

Here is my rule of thumb for clients wondering about their online strategy.

"Businesses who "have" customers need a website, businesses "without" customers need a Facebook page."

Personally when I am researching online when making a new purchase, or trying to find warranty information on something I already own, the last place I look for is a Facebook page with pictures from a company picnic. I want a direct connection to the company. As consumers we expect a little more than a passive "Like" count when we actually have to interact with a company.  What does your online strategy say about your business?  Are you taking care of your existing customers?


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